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About Zeelandia

Our mission is to create new possibilities for the South African baking industry

Zeelandia is a company established in 1900 in a small town called Zierikzee, the Netherlands. Today we are a world leader in quality bakery ingredients, supplying more then 100 countries in the world.

Since February 2014, Zeelandia has a factory and head office in Cape Town, South Africa. Now Zeelandia SA has the capacity to supply Southern African markets with a wide range of innovative bakery ingredients and decorations. This is backed up by our highly skilled technical staff to support our customers. Zeelandia SA currently has a Halaal and Kosher certificate to meet the specific needs of our consumers.  

For detailed information on the products that are available on the South African market, check the Products or Download our brochure.

Inspiring bakers with smart ingredients that help them perform better and create top quality products. Check the video for our story in a nutshell: