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Gluten free ingredients

Zeelandia SA now has a new range of high-quality gluten free products, imported from our Gluten Free Premix plant in Italy with an tasty alternative in every one of our major product categories.

In Italy, Zeelandia has developed a range of gluten-free mixes that enables bakers to offer customers a gluten-free, tasty alternative in every major product category. The complete absence of gluten is guaranteed thanks to using dedicated production lines which rule out the risk of cross-contamination. Every batch is also tested externally. The gluten free range contains eight mixes, which means that gluten-intolerant consumers have a tasty, high-quality and healthy alternative for a wide range of products, from pizza to cake.

The Gluten Free range is also extended with wheat and lactose free, therefore addressing consumer needs who are wheat, gluten and lactose intolerant.

For more information on Gluten free ingredients, take a look at the brochure on the home page or contact our office.