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White & Dark Chocolate Coating / Ganache
Ready to use white and dark chocolate coating / ganache in 5 kg buckets, which fit in the microwave to easily heat up.
A fudge like coating that stays soft on confectionary.
Gluten Free Croissant
Gluten Free Muffins / Madeira loaf
Gluten Free Buckwheat bread & rolls
Gluten & Lactose Free Savoury Products
With this Gluten and Lactose free mix you can make puff pastries in an easy way.
Gluten & Lactose Free Short Pastry
Gluten Free Cookies
Gluten Free Panetone
Gluten & Lactose Free Sponge cake & Swiss rolls
Gluten Free Sponge cake / Swiss rolls
Gluten Free Puff Pastry
Gluten & Lactose Free Bread
Gluten Free Pizza
Gluten Free Bread Rolls
Gluten Free Bread
The Zeelandia Gluten Free Bread is an easy way to make
Ouma & Oupa Bread
With this complete mix you can easily make high quality Ouma and Oupa Bread.
French Brioche
With our Complete mix you can make the most amazing French brioches, breads and buns.
Crispy Products
With this Crispy Complete Mix you can make crispy rolls, French loaves and garlic loaves.
Sweet Dough Products
The sweet dough complete mix can be used to make Hamburger rolls, Hotdog rolls and Bagels. The Extra sweet dough can be used for Mosbolletjies, Kitke bread and Cinnamon buns and Raisin loaves.
Panini & Ciabatta
With this complete mix you can make Paninis and Ciabatta's with consistent high quality.
The Decor roll icing is perfect for decorating cakes and other pastries. It is a ready to use product.
Egg glaze substitute
This Egg glaze substitute, called Ovex, is specially made for pies.
With this complete mix you can make typical British scones in an easy way.
Hot X Bun
With this complete mix you can easily make your favorite dish during easter.
Madeira & Banana loaf
With our complete mix you can easily make a Madeira loaf or a Banana loaf of great quality.
The Bianca Cremo is a complete mix for whipped cream.
A range of complete mixes to make artisan breads. These include sourdough, Italian, wholegrain, fibre, German and rye bread.
White & Brown Bread
Complete mix for high quality long shelf life white and brown bread.
Zeelandia has a wide range of muffin premixes, complete or concentrated dependent in individual need and preference.