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60% Rye bread recipe

60% Rye bread recipe
Ingredients Kg
Zeelandia 60% Rye Bread mix 12,500 kg
Yeast (wet) or 120 grams dry yeast 0.550 kg
Water 7.000 kg
Bakers fat 0.250 kg



Mix all ingredients to a well developed dough – mix for 2 minutes on slow and 4 minutes fast speed

Rest dough before scaling for +/- 5 minutes on table

Scale 900g and place into floured rye basket with seam facing upwards

Proof for 45 minutes

After proofing turn out of baskets onto pans

Score with a knife diagonal cuts across top of loaf

Bake at 220°C with 10 seconds steam with closed damper

Baking time 25 minutes and open damper after 10 minutes of baking

Turn temperature down to 200°C