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French Brioche recipe

French Brioche recipe
Ingredients Kg
Zeelandia French Brioche mix 12.500 kg
Yeast 1.000 kg
Water 6.000 kg



How to make


Egg glaze

0.500 kg Egg

0.002 kg Salt





Mix all ingredients – mix for 2 minutes on slow and 4 minutes fast speed

Scale to desired weight

Scale 70g and roll into 30cm sticks, round buns, knotted buns tea buns etc

Place onto solid black baking trays with 2mm gap between

Egg was all products before proving

Proof for 60 minutes Baking temperature 210°C with open damper and no steam

Baking time 8 minutes and also depends on the product that was made

Glaze with Mirror or Paletta neutral immediately after baking