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Gluten free bread rolls

Gluten free bread rolls
Ingredients Kg
Zero problem plus 1 kg
Water 1 kg
Extra virgin oil 0.1 kg
Fresh yeast 0.4 kg
Salt 0.18 kg


Knead all the ingredients in the mixer with a spatula for 1 minute at 1st speed and for 4 minutes at 3rd speed

Put approximately 80 g dough on trays or molds using a piping bagger a scoop for ice cream balls previously sprayed with our release agent carrel spray

Let them proof in the cell for 40 minutes (30°C - 75% relative moisture). Bake with steam at 220°C-230°C for about 20 minutes.

Open the damper in the last 5 minutes

After baking, the bread should be immediately depanned