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Panini recipe

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Panini recipe
Ingredients Kg
Zeelandia Panini mix 12.500 kg
Yeast 0.375 kg
Oil 1 kg
Water 8.5 kg


Starter Dough

2.000 kg Zeelandia Superior Brown bread mix

0.010 kg Yeast

1.500 kg Water



Mix Panini mix with the yeast and water to a well-developed dough – mix for 2 minutes on slow and 4 minutes fast speed.

Add the oil last on slow speed until all the oil has been picked up by the dough

Prepare a container big enough for the dough to bulk ferment for plus minus 1 hour

Prepare a flour table, decant the dough on the table and cut to desired weight

Proof for 30 minutes on the table or in rye baskets

Turn out dough from rye baskets onto baking trays

Bake at 220°C with 10 seconds steam and closed damper

Baking time 20 minutes and open the damper on the last 10 minutes


Toppings are optional

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