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Almond Macaroons

The Almond Macaronmix of Zeelandia brings convenience and reliability to the baker.

To make perfect macarons with a steady quality, when producing from scratch, is not easy. The interaction between all the ingredients is subtle, a mistake is quickly made.

With the new Zeelandia Almond Macaronmix, this problem is solved. With this easy recipe, you can make fantastic macarons that have:
• no cracks at the surface
• a profound base
• a crusty outer shell
• a chewy centre
• an airy structure without having big air chambers
• and of course a nice touch of almond flavour

We have all the ingredients needed for the prefect macaroon, with a great premix and colourants for the outer shell and compound flavouring to give the middle that great flavour. For more information on the different colourants and compound flavouring available, take a look here.

Watch our video and see how easy you can make perfect macarons: