Zeelandia gives wheels to Brownies & Downies

Brownies & Downies South Africa has received a car from Zeelandia to provide transport for young people to Brownies & Downies training locations in Cape Town.

Zeelandia South-Africa has been involved as sponsor of Brownies & Downies since their start-up over three years ago by providing free supplies to create bread, rolls and brownies which are sold to their customers as prepared meals.

During the Leadership Conference in Cape Town in March 2018, Brownies & Downies prepared lunch for the attendees and we offered to buy them a vehicle. This was a major need as the young workers with Down syndrome must be fetched from and returned back to their homes in the eveny as they cannot use public transport on their own due to their disabilities. 

Brownies & Downies is a non-profit organization which originally was founded by one of Zeelandia's customers in the Nederlands who saw the need to support children leaving school with Down syndrome. They started Brownies & Downies in the Netherlands with a restaurant where these younsters are being trained in food preparation and interacting with people. 

Brownies & Downies branched out to South Africa in 2015 and started the same concept in Cape Town, run by the daughter of the original founder. They have an agreement with the Spar retail group in Cape Town, who offer these young workers with Down syndrome a job in a Spar store after completing training at Brownies & Downies. In this way the organization has helped many of them to find a place in society. 

Zeelandia gives wheels to Brownies & Downies