Confectionery solutions

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Almond Macaron

With the Zeelandia Almond Macaronmix you can prepare macarons in a convenient way in all the colours of the rainbow using Zeelandia colours.

Cake Emulsifier

Quick 75 is a ready-to-use emulsifier for the aeration of sponge and butter cakes. Quick 75 eases and speeds up your cake production and gives your cakes a good volume and a fine, light and great moisture content.

Cake on a Stick

Cake on a Stick is a perfect eye-catcher on every shop counter.

Confectionary Dip

This unique non-stick dip is perfect for coating confectionary products.


The Bianca Cremo is a complete mix for whipped cream.

Custard powder

An all-round instant custard complete mix. This high class confectionery custard has a unique creamy taste profile.


With this complete mix you can make high quality Éclairs in an easy way.

Egg glaze substitute

This Egg glaze substitute, called Ovex, is specially made for pies.

Fruit fillings

Ready to use fruitfillings with high whole fruit content. Available in the flavours strawberry, blueberry, cherry and black forest.

Hot X Bun

With this complete mix you can easily make your favorite dish during easter.


The Decor roll icing is perfect for decorating cakes and other pastries. It is a ready to use product.

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