Cinnamon buns recipe


Group Weight / Volume
Zeelandia Extra Sweet Dough mix 10 kg
Yeast (wet) or 150 grams dry yeast 0.3 kg
Water 5.2 kg
Bakers fat 0.2 kg
Eggs 0.4 kg
Zeelandia Rapido custard 0.4 kg
Cinnamon 0.16 kg




    0.400 kg Zeelandia Rapido custard

    1.000 kg Water

    Whisk together to form custard



    Mix all ingredients to a well developed dough – mix for 2 minutes on slow and 4 minutes fast speed

    Scale 4kg per head

    Roll out on pastry sheeted 5mm thick

    Spread Rapido custard and fine cinnamon and fold over and cut into 120g strips

    Roll dough up and then cut into 25mm thickness

    Place on pans close together

    Proof for 45 minutes Bake at 190°C for 20 minutes with open damper no steam

    After baking glaze with Palletta neutral or Mirror glaze and decorate with Dip white

More information


0.456 kg     Palletta neutral

0.200 kg     Dip white

Cinnamon buns recipe