Group Weight / Volume
Eclair mix 10.000 kg
Water 10.000 kg
Eggs 11.250 kg
Cream topping 4.000 kg
Dip chocolate 3.000 kg


    Mix the éclair mix, water, and eggs in a mixing bowl using a flat beater and mix on slow speed for 1 minute
    Scrape down mix from the side of the bowl and mix for a further 4 min on fast speed
    Pipe éclair mix onto prepared pans using piping bag with a star or plain nozzle
    Bake at 200°C for 20 minutes with 10 seconds steam, closed damper
    Remove éclair shells from the oven and allow to cool down over night
    Warm up the chocolate dip and whip the cream in a bowl
    Remove the top of the éclair by using a knife and pipe 30g of cream into the halve shell
    Spread the chocolate dip on the other half of eclair, let it cool down and place it on the other half
    Place in display counter