Garlic loave recipe


Group Weight / Volume
Zeelandia Crispy mix 12 kg
Yeast (wet) or 120 grams dry yeast 0.375 kg
Water 6.1 kg




    Mix all ingredients to a well developed dough – mix for 2 minutes on slow and 4 minutes fast speed

    Scale 7.200g dough per head or 450g each

    Mould each dough piece into long shapes and pack onto baguette pans

    Proof for 45 minutes

    After proving score with sharp knife on each roll and brush garlic topping on

    Put 60g of grated cheese on each 450g bread

    Bake with 10 seconds steam with close damper

    Bake at 220°C Baking time 15 minutes open damper at the last 8 minutes

    Brush all the products with garlic topping as it comes out of the oven.

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1.760 kg     Garlic crushed

0.016 kg     Mixed herbs

0.080 kg     Oil

Garlic loave recipe