Plain Donuts 


Group Weight / Volume
Zeelandia sweet dough mix 10.000 kg
Yeast (wet) or 120 grams dry yeast 0.400 kg
Water 5.000 kg
Bakers fat 0.200 kg
Toppings (sugar syrup)
Sugar 2.400 kg
Water 2.400 kg


    Mix all ingredients for 2 minutes on slow and 4 minutes fast speed
    Scale 1.800kg per head or 60g per ball
    Roll out 60g pieces into long rolls onto well oiled pans
    Proof for 45 minutes
    Use a fryer with palm oil
    Fry off at 180°C, 3 minutes per side

    Bring the sugar and water to boiling point, use as dipping 
    Dip into sugar syrup

Plain Donuts