Red Velvet Swiss rolls 


Group Unit
Red Velvet pre-mix 0.250 grams
Biscamix 0.250 grams
Eggs 0.400 grams
Red Velvet Colourant 0.050 ml


    Mix all ingredients for 2 minutes on slow speed
    Stop machine and scrape down and mix for 5 minutes on top speed
    Prepare a deep based pan, sprayed with Carlex Spray
    Line out with silicone paper
    Scale of 500g per pan – depending on the size of the pan
    Bake at 180°C. for 15 minutes – open damper on last 10 minutes
    After baking prepare the filling and spread evenly on the sheet
    Swiss roll sheet can stand in the chiller until ready to use.
    For storage, sprinkle each sponge sheet with castor sugar or cake
    flour to prevent from sticking to each other.

Red Velvet Swiss Rolls