Sourdough bread recipe


Group Weight / Volume
Zeelandia sourdough bread mix 12.5 kg
Yeast (wet) 30grams dry yeast 0.125 kg
Salt 0.25 kg
Water 9.375 kg
Olive oil 0.625 kg




    Mix all ingredients to a well-developed dough with 60% water for 3 minutes on slow and 4 minutes fast speed

    Add the rest of the water slowly on slow speed and mix till all the water has been mixed in

    Prepare a container with olive oil (smear the whole container out with the oil)

    Put dough in the container and fold the dough 4 times and then rest for 90 minutes

    Throw dough carefully out on a table with rice flour, cut dough to size and pack on pans 

    Proof for 30 minutes ambient before baking (do not put in prover)

    Cut dough on top for character and bake at 220°C with 10 seconds steam and closed damper

    Baking time 25 minutes and open damper on the last 15 minutes to form a crust

Sourdough bread recipe