Vanilla Mouse


Group Unit
Zeezan mousse neutral 0.500 grams
Water 0.630 grams
Zeelandia vanilla compound 0.100 grams
Whipped cream 2.500 grams
Vanilla sponge (for base) 1.040 grams
Cream 1.000 grams
Dip white 2.000 grams
Fresh strawberries 0.100 grams


    Mix the water, Zeezan mousse, vanilla compound flavour until smooth and allow to rest for 5 minutes, using a whisk.
    Whip the cream to a soft peak stage, and fold it into the mousse mix
    Cut out sponge cakes, and layer it in the mousse moulds
    Pipe 120g of mousse mixture into the prepared moulds and scrape of the excess mousse allow to set for 30 minutes
    Remove from fridge and whip the cream till stiff, pipe a rosette on each mousse and decorate with fresh
    strawberries, dipped in Zeelandia White dip.

Vanilla Mouse